Finding the aptest autoresponder may consume a little time since there are a lot of choices that are available on the market today with different prices and features. Thus, it is very important for you to consider your requirements as well as budget while choosing an autoresponder.

Important issues to be considered while selecting an autoresponder
• The needs as well as features you are looking for.

• Types of autoresponders that are available on the market.

• Which automatic email follow up software would be apt for your business?

• Which brand names are available in the market?

• Comparison of various brands.

• Understanding an auto responder.

What is it?
An automatic email follow up software may be defined as a program which sends one single reply which is automated as a response to the query specific to an address.
A lot of people may have either got an autoresponder text or may have used one such responder. Most of the web hosts provide this kind of single reply autoresponder which is free of cost in the accounts which come along with their package. The issue with this kind of responder is that it’s been designed for sending simple messages for replying to the queries received. It’s often not sufficient to maintain the contacts or deliver content which you wish to provide to your users. However, you may also save some specific message or schedule a message to be sent out to people, enlisted in your address book.

But, relying solely on this software is not a commendable task, and you must keep visiting your inbox from time to time. Some of the drawbacks of the software are:
• Understanding sequential autoresponder
The sequential autoresponder is a program which is designed for collecting the addresses and sending them out in a series of pre-written texts through the inbox to a list of users on pre-defined intervals.
• Types of autoresponders
There are many types of autoresponders, which are available today in the market. You will find web based autoresponder to proprietary programs which run from your personal web server or desktop.

The kinds of auto responders which are available in the market may be classified broadly into 3 main types which are as follows:
1. Remotely hosted autoresponder that is, the ones which are hosted and which work from the website of anyone else.

2. Locally hosted autoresponder that is the program which works from your personal web server.

3. Desktop hosted autoresponder that is the program which works from your computer or workstation.
Understanding your basic requirements is very crucial so that you do not end up installing something, which will be of no use!